Datasafe On Cloud

Make better usage of storage services available to you anywhere.

  • COST SAVINGS : Reduced capital expenditure IT resources such as Hardware, Software, Maintenance and IT Engineer etc.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY : Relieved about system crashes or hacker, securing your networks with firewalls and if one server crashes, your data is safe because it is backed up to multiple servers.
  • SIMPLIFIED CONVENIENCE : Reduced time to find document and more accurate. Able to work on any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari etc.
  • LIMIT USERS : Specify users right to access document by USERNAME and PASSWORD along with separate users in group.
  • MANAGE DOCUMENTS : Able to manage document by yourself (add, delete and edit), save documents by separating files details and other containing files
  • ALWAYS REPORT : The system will report every action on programs such as document accessing report, system usage, space report etc.