E-Document management software


DS-DMS Program is new technology that helps us work more efficient and faster by using computers to save all Communication Files in work place, also help reducing papers usage. It also helps us to communicate faster, to save files more efficient, to search easier and to save space. Digital file helps us obtaining files fast, accurate, reduce long term expense and helps increasing communication ability by scanning and saving files electronically.

  • It is a web application that can work with Windows, MAC and OSX
  • Saving Digital Files in the form of Client-Server. Server gives the information and Client gets the information through Web Browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Fire Fox
  • Easy to find saved documents
  • Easy to add, delete and edit documents
  • Save documents by separating files’ details and other containing files
  • Add and edit to put documents in categories
  • Specify users right by using USERNAME and PASSWORD along with separate users in group
  • Limit users right to access document
  • Monitor information such as current number of users
  • Email document
  • และ Feature อื่นๆอีกหลากหลาย